Medidor de Humedad BDX, Digital, Incluye estuche de transporte, Delmhorst

Ficha Tecnica Manual


Delmhorst BDX-20 / BDX-30


  • Delmhorst EDGE™ app with Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Large, custom display with auto backlight - easy to read under all conditions.
  • Species/Materials – download up to 15 into the meter out of 37 available
  • MC range:
    • 6%-60% Wood (Douglas Fir)
    • 0.1% -6% Drywall
    • 0-100 Reference scale
  • Wood temperature correction (°F/°C)
  • Alarm set point - alerts to user-selected MC level
  • On-screen readings statistics – High, Low, Average, Standard Deviation, Last 10
    Internal calibration check
  • Pins/electrode correction (insulated or non-insulated)
  • Integral contact pins max 5/16” penetration (use 2498/A-100)
  • Compatible with any Delmhorst external electrode.
  • Color-coded LED’s – adjustable through EDGE™ app
  • Multi-language - available fall 2021
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case – included
  • Power – 2x AA batteries – Alkaline Energizer included
  • “Low Batt” warning with audio
  • Auto off timer. Set to 1m, 4m or 10m
  • QR code on meter for easy access to support materials
  • Size: meter only - 8.65in (2.2mm) x 2.85in (72mm) x 1.55in (39mm); in carry case - 9.5in (241mm) x 6.5in (165mm) x 2.5in (64mm)
  • Weight: meter only - 0.4.5oz (1.3g); in carry case - 18oz (510g)
  • 2-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects. Bonus extended warranty with on-line registration.


Quick Start Guide


Meter Features • Bluetooth app for customizing device and exporting data*

• English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian*

• Customizable*, color-coded LED’s

• Built in material, temperature and pin-type correction

• Adjustable alarm

• Built in calibration check

• Compatible with all existing Delmhorst Electrodes

• Powered by 2 x AA batteries

• 2 year warranty


Quick Start


Turn Meter On and Off

• Remove tab from inside battery compartment

• Press any key to wake meter

• Long press center button to timeout


Take a Reading

• Press Read button from any screen to enter live reading mode

Hold a Reading

• Read button toggles between held and live reading

• Held readings will blink

Save and Export a Reading

• Press center button to save reading from live or held reading

• Saved readings will export to Edge App when app and meter are connected*


Delmhorst EDGE App*

• Upload readings from meter to app

• Access to expanded material/species selections, including foreign species sets

• View all readings on a single screen

• Adds timestamp and geotags to readings

• Exclude outlier readings from statistics

• Generates plot of all readings

• Customize LED ranges

• Multi-language support for app and meter

• Export readings to Excel for additional analysis and report generation



1) Display

• Large, easy to read under all conditions

2) Read Button

• Press from any screen to enter live reading mode

• Press again to toggle between live and held reading

3) Navigation Buttons

• Move between and down into the READ, SET and STATS menus

• Center button to save readings or changes to settings

4) Easy-grip Handle

• Easily push pins into material


5) Colored LEDs

• Red, yellow, and green LEDs show the relative moisture status

• Adjustable within the Delmhorst Edge App

6) Ambient Light Sensor

• Turns backlight on and off in Auto Backlight mode

7) Pins

• Insert integral pins up to 5/16” into material to take reading

8) Electrode Connector

• Connect with any Delmhorst electrode to extend functionality


Set Functions


Read Set Stats


• Calibration Check: 12% MC

• Temperature Units: °F/°C

• Meter Timeout: 1/4/10 minutes

• Bluetooth®: ON/OFF

• Display Brightness: 1-10

• Backlight: ON/OFF/AUTO

• Display Contrast: 1-10


Read Functions

View, hold and save readings

• Change material/species

• Adjust alarm set point

• Set material temperature

• Set insulated vs. non-insulated pins


Stats Functions

Save up to 100 readings

• Saved readings contain material type, reading value, material temp, and pin type

• View average, high and low values

• View last 10 readings

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